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                                                          Indoor Activities For Kids During the Winter

Winter has fun outdoor activities like sledding, building a snowman, etc. But what about areas with no snow, freezing temps or no area to play? My kids love snow but we hardly ever get any where we live and sometimes it’s just way too cold to play outside so we have to come up with indoor play ideas. Here’s a few ideas to keep your kids occupied during the winter!

1. Bring out the blankets and make a tent! When I was little we made tents out of blankets and chairs and brought in snacks. Now that I’m older I do this with my kids and they love it. We turn off everything and pretend there is no power just like being outdoors (we leave the heat on of course). Make sure to have some yummy camp themed snacks like marshmallows and hot dogs to snack on. My kids LOVE camping indoors and I have to admit I really like it too. 

2. Have the kids write letters. Writing letters has almost become a thing of the past but in reality people still love getting letters. Get the kids to write letters to family and friends and they will most likely get some in return. My kids love getting mail, especially if it’s handwritten especially to them. It will be great practice for kids just learning to write or help older kids practice their cursive.

3. Play an indoor scavenger hunt. Give the kids each a list of things hidden around the house (an eraser, washcloth, can of soup, etc) and have them check off each item they find. Have an incentive for the one that finds the most items like letting them be the one to pick the next game.

4. Have an indoor snowball fight! This is SO. MUCH. FUN. Use wadded up paper, wool dryer balls (careful, those can hurt if thrown too hard), or you can even buy indoor snowball kits from Amazon here. Give each kid a bucket filled with the snowballs and then run because you are probably their first target!

5. Watch movies! Pick something the whole family can enjoy and grab some popcorn, drinks, and some candy to pretend you are in a real theater. Turn off all the lights and cozy up to a huge fluffy blanket while you watch some winter themed flicks like Frosty the Snowman, Happy Feet, Snow Buddies, etc. 

6. Play with snow! Okay, not real snow but Insta-Snow! We don’t get much snow where I live and the kids hate it but with Insta-Snow they don’t have to miss out… and with the comfort a nice warm house. There is no outdoors needed with this snow, in fact all you need is some water and a container to put the snow in. This snow is incredibly fun to watch “fluff” up and is ready to play with in seconds. You can get your own Insta-Snow here.

7. Make homemade crafts. Making crafts has always been a huge hobby of mine and now that I have kids I get to enjoy helping them make crafts also. Bring out the construction paper, glue, glitter, and anything you can think of to create a new masterpiece with the kids. Crafts are great because the possibilities are endless and it keeps the kids super busy. 

8. Lastly, get a jar and let the kids fill the jar with ideas for the Summer. Winter can be a drag and sometimes we just want summer to hurry up. To get the kids excited get them to write out ideas of things they want to do this Summer or places they want to go then place the ideas in the jar. This Summer you and the kids can go through the ideas so you will already have your Summer planned out and there won’t be any boring days!

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                                                                              Christmas Shopping With Kids


As some of you may know, I have three kids… all under the age of ten. Shopping in general is extremely rough when they come along but shopping during the holiday season with kids is nearly impossible. Nearly. Here I will give you some pointers on how to turn a would-be nightmarish shopping trip into a more tolerable trip.

 1. Have the oldest help. If you have an older child (mine is 9), have them help you with the list. This will keep them pretty occupied and also make them feel special by being able to help. They can read out the list to you and help you find the items on the shelf. The oldest can also help keep an eye on the younger ones!

2. Make a “scavenger hunt” type of game. Write out your own scavenger hunt list of things you would find in the store. Tell the kids to check off the list as they see the items. This will keep them entertained (as long as you make the list long).

3. Get lunch/snack! If your shopping area has a deli or other food area, grab a bite to eat with the kids. Kids always seem to get hungry and grumpy while shopping so stopping to get a bite of food usually helps lift their spirits (and yours).

4. Let your kids write their own shopping list (mom approved of course). They will love being able to find the things they listed personally on their list and actually look forward to shopping. 

5. Bring a tablet or phone. I know a lot of parents don’t like their children playing with things like this, and that’s okay, but if you do let them it helps out SO MUCH. I will admit to letting my kids bring tablets and phones into the store. The younger ones sit in the buggy watching movies or playing games and the older one gets to talk to his friends. This gives me a more quiet and quicker shopping trip.

6. Lastly, keep your cool. Tantrums from the kids, crowded stores, lines backed up.. These are things that will throw you into a stress ridden “momster”. Instead of stressing out have your own plan ahead of time for situations like this. Bring a special treat like that yummy chocolate bar you feel guitly about eating, take time out in the car and listen to some Christmas music with the kiddos, and just keep telling yourself that you are super mom!

                                                                    Savings Money Around the Holidays With the holidays quickly approaching everyone is frantically trying to find the right gift within the right price range. The problem is, most of the popular gifts this year can easily break the bank. There are a few ways to get these awesome gifts at a cheaper price so always look for a way to get your shopping done without paying full price. Here are a few ways to help you with your shopping this year!  1. Follow my page! I’m always here to help find you lower prices on some of the hottest gifts. You can follow me on my Facebook page My Amazing Online Deals  2. Always search for a coupon / promotional code before placing your order. Many shopping sites have a little box in the cart area of the page to enter a promo code. You can find many promo codes on Retail Me Not 3. Get cash back on your shopping! There are tons of sites that will give you cash back just from doing your regular online shopping. Sign up with Ebates to get cash back!

  • 5 DECEMBER 2017


As a stay at home mom I love being able to be with my kids but I also like to bring in some income to help the family out. Although none of these ways are really a “full time job” type of earning opportunity, they will bring in enough extra money to help out with things like groceries, gifts, gas, etc. Below I have listed some of my favorite ways to earn money and gift cards. 

1. Instagc- Instagc is my favorite way to get gift cards and Paypal to help pay for things we need around the house. At this site you do things like complete surveys, do tasks, watch videos, fill out offers, etc. My favorite thing about this site is the payout (gift cards) are instantly given to you once you cash out. There are other options besides gift cards like Paypal and checks. If you would like to give it a try, sign up here

2. Product Report Card- This is a great survey site and although I haven’t reached enough to cash out yet I have received a good amount of products to test out. The products I have received have all been nice and stuff I actually needed/wanted so joining this site for the test product opportunities alone is worth it.Make sure you fill out all of the profiles when you join so you will get more surveys and products. Join here

3. Ebates- Ebates is a cashback program where you earn money just from shopping! How awesome is that? When you sign up you can check out all of the many, many stores that offer cash back. If you use Google Chrome, you can get the Ebates Button and let me tell you.. it’s great to have. The Ebates button will automatically tell you on the sites you visit if the site gives cash back or not. You can choose to cash out with a check or have it sent to your Paypal. You only get paid every few months but having that extra cash in a lump sum really helps out with things like vacations. If this didn’t sound amazing enough you also get $10.00 just for signing up. Sign up here 

4. Survey Squad (Focus Forward) – This is a great survey site that has product tests that pay pretty decent. Survey Squad sends lots of opportunities in my email for these product tests, I get more offers from this site then any other survey site. Sign up here

5. Upwork- Upwork is a website for freelancers.  If you like freelance work, this is probably one of the best sites to sign up with. There is a large selection of jobs available, probably because the site is more well known. If freelancing is something you would like to try, sign up here 

These are just a few of my favorites, and I hope you give them a try! You won’t get rich but if you need a little extra income then these will help out a lot. 

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